The Journey

Learn More About Our Hope Manor Sober Living Homes, Recovery Program, & Family Services

At Hope Manor Sober Living Homes, you will learn what life long term recovery is all about….

It would be easy to promote the idea that recovery is a simple process, or that alcoholism and/or addiction can be addressed in 30 days, but that wouldn’t be honest. The path we share with the people who live in Hope Manor Sober Living Homes is based on the 12 Steps, which has been successfully used in recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous for almost a century. In order to help you achieve life-long recovery, Hope Manor requires attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, workshops, conferences, and recovery activities.

Time is needed to create solid, life-long recovery. Hope Manor teaches that true recovery requires willingness, rigorous honesty, taking personal responsibility for behavior, and a commitment to helping others. Participants in each house learn to be supportive of each other in the journey to a new life. Hope Manor homes are designed to create a sense of comfort, support and security that allows participants to do the necessary physical, emotional and spiritual work that will bring about life-long recovery. If you are willing, open and honest you can have a new life with new attitudes, new behaviors, and new habits. To assist you in your recovery Hope Manor offers a warm, embracing, fully furnished home with a real sense of community and at a very affordable price.


The use of non-chemical coping skills, gainful employment, volunteering, education and action is the basis of the Hope Manor Philosophy. The 12 Step (AA, NA, DAA, etc.) programs are heavily utilized and provide the crucial foundation for the recovery process. This positive and supportive structured environment is extremely conducive for recovery from alcoholism and addiction.


Weekly random urinalysis/breathalyzer of each participant is required as a condition of entering and remaining at Hope Manor. Refusal or a failed test will result in immediate termination.

Court Referrals

Hope Manor accepts participants charged with drug and alcohol violations as part of alternative sentencing. Hope Manor is inspected annually for Health, Safety and Quality Standards. Hope Manor is a member of the National Sober Living Association, which certifies, inspects, trains and mentors the Hope Manor team.


While each participant is expected to be personally responsible and accountable, the participants are closely monitored for compliance with the rules, regulations and requirements of Hope Manor. For a complete list of all rules and regulations please review the application.

For any person in recovery, the terms… Unity | Recovery | Service …are a part of everyday life.

We learn the significance of these three elements and search for ways to implement these ideas into our lives; to realize them in every-day living. The 12 Step program of recovery involves and encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Recovery of the mind is a major aspect of addiction and alcoholism; the goal is not only to stop, but to stay stopped and to be able to enjoy life on life’s terms. We cannot guarantee recovery but we can create a safe, supportive environment for recovery to take hold and that’s what we do at Hope Manor every day. There isn’t an alcoholic or addict on the planet who would stay sober if things didn’t get better and at Hope Manor, participants gain hope when they see recovery working in the lives around them. What may seem impossible to you now has become a joyful reality for many, and it can be your future too.

Family Workshops & Family Services

Family Healing and Recovery: Alcoholism and addiction is a family disease. While your loved one is getting the help needed, we can help your family heal as well. Getting your loved one into treatment or sober living is only the start of things, it hasn’t cured anything yet. Please know that just because your loved one is getting help, does not mean that all the family’s issues will solve themselves. Family Roles will be brought to light, and therefore, solutions can be created and new roles can be defined. As part of our services we can provide you with resources which will help you find the solution to your personal healing. At Hope Manor we understand it is a life or death matter. We can guide, support and provide the family with real solutions and will walk with you step-by-step through a course of action.

Hope Manor has a 7-week Family Program which include presentations by professionals, personal stories, materials, support, resources and more.

Do you find trying to “fix” your loved one keeps producing the same results; constant relapses, multiple arrests, legal fees, mounting hospital bills, replacing automobiles, paying off credit card debt, losing jobs, arguments, etc.? Does your loved one manipulate and prey upon your insecurities so that they can maneuver with impunity through life while they drink or use? If you answered yes to any of the above, the Hope Manor Family Program is for you.

We are Family

Once someone enters Hope Manor, they become family, and that doesn’t stop once they exit. That’s when the added support of Hope Manor really helps hold people as they transition into this new chapter of their lives. We aim to walk through life with our alums and their families.

One way we foster connection with participants and their families is through our Hope Manor Friends, Family, and Alumni night. This meeting, which is open to everyone, is held on the last Thursday of each month from 8:30-9:30 pm at The Hub (321 S. 1st Street). We feature alumni who share their recovery journey and experience at Hope Manor, celebrate recovery milestones, and have fun and fellowship.

Stay tuned for new and exciting developments as we build upon our Alumni Program to better support past participants and those new in recovery.

Hope Manor Success

Research shows that the #1 factor for success in early recovery is environment.

At Hope Manor we have taken great care to see that the time spent in sober living is done in a setting that is conducive to reflection followed by action. Our homes are designed to create a sense of comfort and security that allows our clients to let go of the physical concerns and focus on the personal recovery journey that lies ahead. We address these concerns by offering the newly sober person a warm and embracing, fully furnished place to live, at an affordable price. We are within 3 miles of more than 60 meetings a week and the structure of our program is designed to teach the newly sober person how to get active in the recovery community.

At Hope Manor, we know that addicts, alcoholics and families alike can heal from the wounds that addiction inflicts. It has been our personal experience that the smallest desire for recovery can manifest into a lifetime of purpose and fulfillment. It’s our job to keep the door open for recovery. New ideas and behaviors become new habits, that become new attitudes, that produce new lives. The most critical components to a successful plan of recovery are willingness, openness, honest and time. Alcoholism and addiction cannot be treated in 30 days. Most newly sober alcoholics and drug addicts need an environment strongly committed to supporting their new found sobriety.

“We have a solution. We do it one day at a time around here, and we do it together.”


Participants come from all walks of life. The predominant sources of participant referrals come from family members, treatment centers, hospitals, courts, probation departments and simply word of mouth. Hope Manor requires that all participants be nonviolent and demonstrate a sincere desire to achieve a clean and sober lifestyle.

Bed Availability and Fees

Hope Manor has a women’s home and men’s home, both located in Bismarck, North Dakota. The houses are historic, beautifully furnished two-story homes in updated Craftsman style.

All participants must contribute bi-monthly to the expenses of the house. They must also either seek employment, be enrolled in school and/or have means for financial support. Special exceptions are sometimes allowed based on individual assessment and the current financial ability of Hope Manor.

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